3D Street Art with CJR

„Interesting ideas, suggestions for art and 3D street painting & mural art.“

3D Street Art Painting On Pavement

Welcome to my 3D street painting home page –  I was turning my passion of painting into my profession to bring more colour into life and to bring the street painting art close to the people. You will find 2D and 3D street art as well as pavement paintings on canvas and pastel works. Further explanations and anecdotes will give you an impression of my work as a 3D street art painter and chalk artist.

3d street painting
Wall & 3D Street Painting in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


A picture in a mirror, a rainbow in the sky,
a painting on the pavement – all these things are noticed, but in their essence they are not what they seem.

Observe the world with attentive eyes and you see an illusion, the dream of a magician.
„The seventh Dalai-Lama“


The Locomotive Wutach Gorge – is one of the 3D street art painting which you can see at the top. I painted it on the street with facades colours in  Blumberg, Black Forest Germany. The 3D picture is 18 m wide and 20 m long.

Distance plays no role for me. As a street painter travelling belongs to my occupation. The street painting & 3D street art  is my passion.

With my street art I am up, event, street painter festivals and in different towns and countries as for example in Zagreb / Croatia and Belgrade / Serbia, as well as in India and of course America or Norway pleases me. With pleasure I am on the move also in Italy and Berlin where I live, however, also in Switzerland, Holland and Austria (Linz, Vienna), in Canada and Italy.

Beside 3D street art painting, these also are possibly ideas how to move to be seen VW logo for a car selder street  painting in Schliersee on canvas. In the background the scenery and the contemplative little Stade is worked as a silhouette. The plaster painting has his special charm.