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Archive Mural Paintings


Archive murals
Archive Murals

Shop creation / bar painting
In the Oppelner Street 6 a painter’s business in Berlin Kreuzberg, the bar with the king’s mask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun and Nofretete was wished

Print restoration in Berlin Kreuzberg Gräfestrasse
With this restoration it was a matter about an old writing of refreshing the name of the former baker of this street again. Because there was no original around to find out the paint, an ocher was chosen. I could recognise the style of the writing wide going on the wall.


Archive Mural Paintings
Archive Mural Paintings

Youth meeting point „Drehpunkt“
In the Urbahnstr. 43 in 10967 Berlin an ugly wall behind which a garbage tonne stands was painted here. Wall creation in the youth area Berlin.

Mural in the kitchen with a dolphin
In Berlin Charlottenburg.

Illusion painting in a facade

The grey painting / Grisaille
If a clay in tone is under other technologies of the mural painting a representation with which it is to be shown possibly to statues on the wall or figures in painted niches, in poor openings and in false rooms.
This angel in the living room. I have changed the motive originally from „Cepade“ in so far in I it on orange imagination marble with a painted frame has placed. The angel, the painted sculpture should wake the impression to jump out of the wall. In the left hand was originally a wreath, I have traded that for a rose.

Mural painting in Klein Wall on facades
Of holidays paradise for children. My first wall spot – order existed: To paint the front facades of 6 bungalows – summer cottages for children in the middle of the wood.
The ornaments were given, I have changed them only in colour. They come from the northwest coast America „In British Columbia“ from the Haida and Tlingit to Indians. I have these ornaments in one of myself decorated scenery with animals embedded.

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