Berlin Street Painting

Berlin – Street Painting At The Festival „10 Years Potsdamer Platz“

Berlin Street Painting
Berlin Street Painting

„Berlin Street Painting“ –  Entrée to the festival area and There guidance to the festival stage is the old Potsdam street. Here originated the drumming of History street painting on canvas.

7 large-size, hand-painted street paintings tell the story of the Potsdam place and his constantly changing architectural face in a sort of time trip explain. The ever 7.5 square metre pictures are windows in the past and reach from the end of the 19th century till the present Today 4th of October, 2008.

In 1900 century

  • Potsdamer Place to 1945
  • War
  • Building of the Berlin Wall
  • Wine tavern Huth in the wilderness
  • Fall of the Wall
  • Building site Potsdam place
  • Inhabitant’s of Potsdam place Today in 2008

Co-operating street painters:

  • Christiane Jessen-Richardsen (Organiser)
  • Gregor Wosik (Organiser)
  • Udo Lindenthal
  • Lydia Hitzfeld
  • Fabian Fritz
  • Judith Janke
  • Marion Ruthardt has led the Workshop for children in the Potsdamer place Arcades