FAQ – 3D Street Art

FAQ – The Interesting About Professional 3D Street Art

FAQ - 3D Street Art
FAQ – 3D Street Art
FAQ – 3D Street Art – View Point

Absolutely you have already been surprised, why 3D street art in the lateral view or from the rear view looks so distorted. This is due to the fact that all lines are extended and to a Perspektiv point which is below in the picture, lead. The laws of 2D painting are annulled for it to generate a very real representation.

3D street painting scene is to be seen from this point (see  Sketch). To recognise well 3D street painting, your one photo camera needs. Besides, it is not decisive whether you use now a professional camera or the mobile phone camera.

For the skilled spectator it is to be seen possibly 3D street scene also without camera from the right position, while one concludes an eye.