FAQ – Traditional Street Art

FAQ – The Know-How About The Traditional Street Art


  • How long does it take to finish a picture?
    FAQ- Traditional Street Painting
    FAQ- Traditional Street Art

    Depending on the subject, usually between one and seven days!

  • What happens when it rains?
    If the rain is very strong I call it a day and start from scratch next time. If it’s only a drizzle or a very light constant rain I can cover the painting (if the local authorities don’t mind)!
  • The work on the pavement is unpaid?
    No, each image is a challenge and lets me progress artistically. Because the pictures are ephemeral I constantly get new room for street painting. Every freedom has its price, and if that means letting go of the picture with a final photo, so be it!
  • Why don’t you exhibit your work or work in a studio?
    I do exhibit; you’re watching me work right now. I do this because enjoy being outside and because this way I can make contact with the audience directly through the image I’m painting!
  • What kind of paints do you use?
    On the pavement I use chalk pastels so that the images stay temporary. For private commissions I use oil, acrylics, chalk pastels or pigment paste, according to demand!
  • What do you do during winter?
    During the winter I usually paint individual commissions and street paintings on canvas for clients as well as my own pictures!