Road Tour LG Austria

3D Street Art for the Road tour LG Austria

3D Street Art  Road tour for LG Austria
Road tour for LG Austria

LG Electronics Austria began for 2 months with the cooperation partner SKY from the 9th of May to the 2nd of July, 2011 his Road tour – Show biggest up to now for end users. The worldwide supplier and technology leader with the main focuses on Consumer electronics and Budgetary electronics put on the Road show through completely Austria a new product highlight from the area 3D TV. 3D – street painting was accompanied the Road show with 12 street scenes painted from Christiane Jessen – Richardsen with the technology. My assistance Cherry Johnson, visit her website to see her street-performances for fire shows.




  • 2 days – Q19 in Vienna, the first roadtour stop.
  • 3 days – SCS/Multiplex in village Vösen.
  • 3 days – City hall square in St. Pölten.
  • 2 days – Main square in Wr. Neustadt.
  • 3 days – Designer-Outlet the purchasing paradise Parndorf.
  • 2 days – Haid centre in Haid.
  • 3 days – main square in Linz.
  • 2 days – Pluscity in Linz / Pasching.
  • 3 days – The Shopping City in Wels.
  • 2 days – In Graz the Shopping City „Mountain Seiers“ was started.
  • 2 days – Centre West in Graz may not be absent.
  • 3 days – South Park in Klagenfurt.
  • 3 days – Marketplace in Innsbruck.
  • 2 days – Europark in Salzburg.
  • 3 days – Leutbühel in Bregenz.
  • 3 days – Messepark in Dornbirn there ended 3D TV tour.